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Browne v Dunn and pleadings, witness statements, etc

Browne v Dunn does not necessarily require puttage of a proposition if that proposition is already clear to the opponent through pleadings, witness statements, etc.  The rule in Browne v Dunn is frequently misunderstood as requiring puttage even if the proposition is clear to the opposing party in such a way.

See eg Automotive, Food, Metals, Engineering, Printing and Kindred Industries Union v Visy Packaging Pty Ltd (No 3) [2013] FCA 525, discussed at http://www.the-civil-lawyer.net/2013/06/browne-v-dunn-automotive-food-metals.html.  See also Odgers, [1.2.4440].

Importantly, Browne v Dunn is not a steadfast rule the violation of which necessarily leads to sanctions.  Rather, its violation goes to the weight of the competing propositions.